Unnecessary Transvaginal Mesh Implant Harms More Than It Heals

One woman from Phoenix, Arizona wanted a solution to stop her bladder from leaking. The organ had dropped after the delivery of her four children, all of whom were unusually large at birth. Her surgeon recommended a transvaginal mesh kit as the best method to deal with her problems. She agreed to proceed with the operation, unaware of any alternatives. The doctor also told her that it would make her life easier if she had her cervix and uterus removed and if she had a hysterectomy. She got the impression it was a normal process for older women.

Later, she discovered that she should have gone for a second opinion, as she underwent unnecessary surgery for urge incontinence, a condition that cannot be treated with mesh surgery.

After the surgery, she noticed something like dental floss protruding out of her vagina. The doctor told her that it was part of the mesh and that she could wait six weeks to have it clipped. She was told not to have intercourse for at least two weeks, but after six months sex was still painful for both partners. Five years later and after the death of her fiancé, she still has not healed. The woman wants the mesh removed, but she has now been told that it has bonded with her body tissues, making it nearly impossible to retrieve all of it.

She is willing to try anything to stop the pain, but her next steps are still unclear.

If you have suffered from similar circumstances, contact my office for further information about filing a transvaginal mesh kit lawsuit.

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