Young drunk driver kills two teammates

Jeremy Johnson was believed to be intoxicated when he and two of his football buddies were out for a drive. Johnson slammed his SUV into the median on I-44, east of Joplin. The force of the impact caused the vehicle to roll over and land in the path of an oncoming tractor-trailer.

Johnson was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of his two teammates, 19-year-old Michael McCrimmons and 19-year-old Diondre Johnson. The former Missouri Southern State University player is set to spend 120 days of “shock time” behind bars for his crime, though the full penalty for the crime is seven years in prison. If Johnson does not get into trouble while behind bars during those 120 days, he is expected to be released, and then will face 200 hours of community service while on probation.

Reportedly, he has already started working with a “safe and sober” program.
This accident forever changed the lives of three families. If Johnson had not chosen to drink and drive, two young men might still be alive today and continuing their careers in football. While Johnson now has the chance to teach his hard-learned lesson to others, his actions that night will forever haunt him.

It’s a simple message. Please listen. Do not drink and drive. Your life, and the lives of others, may depend on it.

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