Is staying connected by phone while driving a smart move?

A Dallas company is suggesting that drivers need to stay connected by phone, but can still remain safe while they are driving. This seems to be counterintuitive, as police and accident statistics clearly indicate any mobile device in a vehicle is a deadly distraction. It may only a matter of time before the distracted driver ends up in a crash.

The company, Privus Mobile® is creating an app, called Privus Caller ID, to announce the name of all calling parties while a driver is piloting their vehicle. The idea behind the app is that the person receiving the call would then not have to glance down at the phone to see who is calling or texting. They can simply hear the name of the caller and then choose to pull over to take the call. But nine out of ten people do not pull over to use their mobile devices. They use them while driving.

While the application has some interesting uses, it does not solve the root of the problem, which is that people do not think anything bad will happen to them while they are using a cellphone or speaker-phone while on the road.

Recent studies have shown texting while driving is now the number one cause of teen deaths. However, distracted driving and its consequences also affect everyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The only way to prevent distracted driving deaths is to not have mobile devices in cars and to just use regular landline phones. However, you can’t turn back time to the days before cellphones were introduced to the market.