Driving while “intexticated” is a serious issue for everyone

One young Texas man is lucky to still be alive today after spending six long months in hospital, due to texting while driving. Fortuitously, the man’s name is Chance; he got a second chance at life after a horrific accident where the engine of his truck landed in his lap after he plummeted into a ravine. He was pulled from the truck just before it burst into flames.

Just prior to his crash, Chance was texting a friend. His last words were that it was dumb to be texting while driving and that if he kept doing it, he would end up in a wreck. No truer words were every texted. After his accident, his family was informed that he might not live, but if he did, he might lose his sight. Virtually every bone in his body was broken and he had sustained severe head injuries.

Six months of long, hard rehabilitation have brought him back to about 80 percent of where he was prior to the wreck. He hopes to go back to college and is committed to telling others not to text and drive. It is just not worth it. One minute you are there, the next you may not be —- and for what? A text message?

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