High speed collision caused by drunk driver with BAC of .17 percent

It goes without saying, if you drink and drive, there are often deadly consequences.

The accident scene in this case was a collection of torn and twisted metal, busted glass, torn off vehicle parts and incensed drivers. The man who caused the collision ran a red light at an intersection. Police determined later he had been going so fast, even if he had applied the brakes, the accident would have still happened.

A 2012 BMW and a Jeep Cherokee met in a clash of metal and screaming tires in the middle of the road. The Cherokee driver was incensed to the point of inarticulate rage and let police know the BMW driver went right through the red light at a high rate of speed. Other eyewitnesses saw the BMW driver weave all over the road.

It turned out that the driver of the BMW, and his passenger had both been drinking, and the driver did not have a license on him. Both car occupants refused to take a field sobriety test and the agitated, aggressive passenger was restrained to permit the police to conduct their investigation. Although the driver said he only had one Scotch with his lunch, he blew a blood alcohol level of .17 percent. Police charged him with running a red light, speeding and DWI, as they were instructing a tow truck driver to remove his car.

For those who have been involved in a car accident with a drunk driver, do not waste time trying to deal with insurance companies or the police. If you want the case resolved and need compensation to pay your medical bills and make up for lost wages, as a result of injuries, then speak to a competent and experienced Austin injury lawyer. Insurance companies only want a case settled cheaply and quickly, which is not in the best interests of an injured victim.

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