Left turns are deadly for bikers

It’s no secret that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Even safety gear cannot protect against death if there is an accident and the impact is “blunt force.”

There are advantages and disadvantages about riding a motorcycle. The advantages include having a smaller vehicle, one that costs less to gas up, one that is less expensive to register, a vehicle that easy to park, the enjoyment of the wind on your face and the views you can have on a ride makes for some spectacular trips. The disadvantage to riding a bike is the kill rate when one is involved in an accident.

Some accidents are survivable, but others are not. Consider the story of a 31-year-old woman, decked out in proper safety gear, who met her death after broad-siding a pickup truck. The truck driver was attempting to make a left hand turn when he pulled out right in front of her. She had nowhere else to go, and slammed into the side of the truck. She never made it home.

While some bikers involved in accidents are the authors of their own misfortune, in a vast majority of cases where the accident involved another vehicle and a motorcycle, the fault was that of the vehicle driver. Many car and truck drivers just do not see bikers, and often cannot judge a bike’s distance and speed of arrival, even when they do see them. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle can be deadly. The unthinkable and unpredictable can happen in an instant.

All it takes is one driver to make a left turn in front of a biker. The accident can dramatically affect the driver too, as they have to carry the knowledge with them for the rest of their lives that they seriously injured or killed someone, because they did not pay attention to everything around them.

The long and short of riding a motorcycle is that, no matter how much gear you’re packing, it may not keep you safe. The gear does prevent some injuries, and reduces the severity of others, but if a rider is ejected or slams head-on into another vehicle, the gear is only that —- gear a biker is wearing on a motorcycle.

What’s the solution for avoiding collisions with bikers for car and truck drivers? Pay attention. Pay attention, and then pay attention again. Look hard. Listen hard, and make it an unwavering rule of thumb that if you see a biker approaching, do not try to cross the road, or turn in front of them, thinking you have the time to make it. Let them pass you first. We need to drive with safety in mind —- the safety of others and the safety of the lesser seen vehicles on the road, motorcycles.

Will the dead female biker’s family file a wrongful death lawsuit? They may. To do so, they will need the assistance of an experienced Austin personal injury attorney. They will need to show that the driver of the pickup was reckless or negligent and thus caused the woman’s death. Cases like this should not be mediated or settled by insurance companies, as their bottom line it only to save money, even if someone died. Call a knowledgeable Austin personal injury lawyer.

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