Texting while driving caused 930,000 accidents this year

Texting while driving is a no brainer. You just don’t do it, or you may not live to regret it.

If you don’t think that texting and driving in America is a serious issue, then you seriously need to visit the National Safety Council website, and check out their information on distracted driving. It tells a horrendous story about 930,000 car wrecks as a result of drivers using cell phones or texting while driving, just this year alone. That figure bears repeating – 930,000 deaths just this year, and counting, as a result of using mobile technology while driving. What is wrong with that picture? How can we, as a responsible nation of people, countenance a death every 24 seconds, because someone thinks texting while driving or talking on a cellphone won’t hurt anyone?

Who hasn’t seen a distracted driver, weaving from lane to lane, drifting to one side or the other while trying to text, use a mobile map app, a smartphone or talking on a mobile device? Ever had to get out of the way of an erratic driver and cursed them for being inattentive and thought how dangerous it was? Were you holding a cellphone in your hand at the time? It’s one thing to frown on those who drive while distracted, and quite another to also do the same thing, while disapproving of doing it. The simple fact is no one should be doing it. Distracted driving kills – period.

Driving while texting is not safe. It is a real problem. Even awareness campaigns are not making enough headway to prevent texting deaths. The solution? Remove technology from vehicles. It really is just that simple. The problem isn’t so much the technology, as it is people using it inappropriately. It is a disturbing commentary on human behavior that so many seem to feel that texting and driving is a right, and nothing will happen to them. Think again.

There aren’t many teens or younger adults that have not lost a friend to a distracted driver, or have been in a wreck involving one. They may even have caused the car crash themselves, while texting about a prom date, a pizza or what a teacher said. It has to stop. Injury lawyers across the U.S. are in the position of picking up the pieces when these accidents happen. Stop. Think. Do not text and drive. It’s your life, stay alive to live it by being responsible. Stash the phone someplace and pay attention to the road.

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