Driving a Motorcycle with a Suspended License, Biker Seriously Injures Self and Passenger

It takes skill to ride a motorcycle, but is also requires driving with a license.

This wreck between a motorcycle and a truck sent two men to the hospital with serious injuries, which was not a complete surprise, as both were completely exposed to other vehicles, should they get into an accident. Perhaps the two, ages 22 and 25, thought they were invincible as they roared through a grass field, bouncing into a parking lot, before shooting out into the street, without yielding to other traffic heading their way.

The end result? The bikers were hit by a Dodge pickup truck that was heading south on the street and about to turn left into the parking lot. The force of the collision ejected both bikers from the motorcycle, tossing them onto the ground. One rider was wearing a helmet. The other was not. The driver was operating the bike with a suspended license.

This is one of those personal injury cases where the passenger on the bike could sue for damages for his injuries, whether or not he was aware of the driver having a suspended license, because operating a motorcycle without a valid license is negligence to begin with, not to mention failing to yield the right of way to oncoming vehicles and knowingly taking a passenger for a ride when not licensed to do so.

This would be a tough case, as the two men on the cycle were related, and it is always difficult to sue family members. However, it some instances, it has to be done if the victim requires extensive medical care and has no way to pay for it. The one thing to remember is that most vehicles and drivers have insurance and those that don’t may still be able to file a claim. This is something that needs to be discussed with an Austin personal injury lawyer, to find out if you have a case, what your legal rights are, what you may claim for compensation and what to expect should you file a lawsuit.

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