DUI Driver Slams into Crowd of Pedestrians, Killing Two

What are drunk drivers thinking when they pull dumb stunts? Taunting police into a high speed chase is not smart.

You really have to shake your head at this one. The driver of the vehicle involved in this fatal incident started a high speed chase. That was the second dumbest thing she did. The first was drinking too much and then getting behind the wheel of her 2005 Toyota Camry.

It all started when the police spotted a female driver weaving all over the place on the freeway. It was late at night, and police activated their sirens and lights while ordering her to pull over. She wasn’t in the frame of mind to obey, and instead, took off at high speed and pulled onto another freeway in the area. On the freeway, the chase was wild and relatively unencumbered, but there was still a risk of a head-on collision.

With police still in pursuit, the female driver careened off at an exit into a suburb, ran a red light, hit a dip in the road, ended up airborne and slammed into a crowd of people at a taco truck. Two women will killed instantly, and two others sustained minor injuries. It could have been worse, but it was bad enough, and the scene of the accident was complete mayhem.

The female Toyota driver was arrested and cited with multiple felonies, which included two counts of murder, driving under the influence causing injury and evading police. With a $2 million bail hanging over her head, she was held in the local jail until she was arraigned in court the following day. Her journey through the justice system will likely be a rocky road. The families of the two women killed will want to see justice done, and the community learned once again that drinking and driving kills.

Did the driver of the Camry learn anything? That is hard to say, but given the nature of her charges, she may have gotten the message that her choices in those final moments of her freedom were the worst thing she could have done. For her folly of driving while looped, she killed two people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, two people who were minding their own business, socializing and enjoying a late night taco. Nothing will bring them back.

Drunk driving is an epidemic. It is just that simple. Despite what statistics say, there are more and more people hitting the road under the influence of one thing or another. If it is not alcohol, it is street or prescription drugs. Are all drunk drivers caught? No. Some drive for years before they get caught. Some don’t get caught until they kill someone in a drunk driving accident. Many think they can get away with it and no one will know the difference. Those are the ticking time bombs. Others think the laws do not apply to them.

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