Biker Who Lived to Ride Loses Life on Highway

A biker, whose main reason for living was to ride his motorcycle, lost his life in a head-on collision.

“There is just no explaining how some accidents happen, nor why they happen,” said Bobby Lee, a personal injury attorney of Lee, Gober and Reyna in Austin, Texas. “This crash points out that, no matter how careful you may be on your ride, you can’t always factor in what other drivers are going to do.”

This tragedy happened during a motorcycle safety week, an irony not lost on his grieving friends and co-workers. A real estate agent, the man was heavily involved in his community and touched many lives. He was out riding when a car, driven by a 25-year-old female, crossed the center line and slammed into his motorcycle. Even though he was wearing protective gear, he was unable to survive being ejected off his Harley-Davidson and was pronounced dead at the scene.

It was not the first accident the man had been involved in. About a year ago, he hit a deer while on his motorcycle and landed in the hospital for several weeks. Once discharged, he was soon back on his bike and on the open road.

“The police are not certain what made the 25-year-old woman cross a double yellow line. Although there is some speculation about cell phones, nothing will be determined until the crash investigation team has finished their work,” said Lee.

Motorcycles are deadly. No matter how safe the rider, there are other vehicles sharing the road to take into account. Add to the mix that most drivers say they are unable to even see motorcyclists, and the recipe for disaster gets more potent.

“Over the years of dealing with motorcycle accidents, I have seen a lot of grief and pain. It is never easy for those involved. The survivors hope for a normal life, or as near normal as possible. To make that happen, we discuss their case. They find out what their legal rights are and what they may expect in terms of compensation for their injuries, and then we move forward,” said Lee.

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