Drunk Behavior and Questionable Parenting Involved in Serious Auto Accident

They say two things are constant in life, death and taxes. Perhaps that saying should include drunks.

A lot of strange cases cross the police blotter. Some are bizarre. Some are perplexing and others gut-wrenchingly stupid. This case is one of those. What this woman was thinking, and it is clear that she was not, is beyond comprehension.

The 41-year-old woman, arrested by police after a drunk driving accident, was so dead-set on getting and staying drunk that she left her 3-year-old daughter home by herself at night. Three years old and her mother goes out on the town. Life is stranger than fiction. While mom was out kicking a few back and being sociable, she also decided she was able to drive. Why not? She left her 3-year-old at home alone, thinking that was ok. Why not drink and drive as well?

Predictably, the woman nailed another car that had been trying to turn left onto an avenue. Did she stay at the scene? No, she fled. The police found her later, sitting in her parked car, with the airbag deployed and serious front end damage from the accident, silently regarding her steering wheel like it was an alien object. This is likely since she was so loaded. It was not rocket science to ascertain the woman was drunk. What rocked the police officer taking her statement was the admission her 3-year-old was alone at home, and sure enough she was, crying because she was afraid to be alone without her mom.

The cop promptly called social services, and the youngster was taken to a family member’s home until her mother sobered up. That may turn out to be a long time, as she was charged with DWI, neglect and cruelty to a child, was cited for fleeing the scene of an accident, refusing a breathalyzer test, and careless driving.

The other person involved in this accident was thankfully not badly injured, but their car was heavily damaged. Nonetheless, the other driver did head to the hospital to get checked over. What rights does that other driver have? They have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the woman to recover damages for personal injuries and damage to their vehicle. Will the case go to court? It may, but if insurance is involved, an Austin personal injury lawyer may be able to negotiate a reasonable settlement with the insurance company. Don’t try this on your own. The insurance company would rather make you take their first low ball offer, than help you.

Any time you are faced with a mess like this accident, call an Austin personal injury lawyer and find out if you have a case. Never assume you have nothing, or conversely, have something without talking to qualified legal counsel. Knowledge is power and offers you the right information on which to proceed.

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