One Dead and Three Injured as a Result of Speeding Drunk Driver

When you are drunk, you do not always realize what color the traffic lights are, or just do not care. With recklessness like that, often death ensues in drunk driving accidents.

And death came calling in this case when a drunk driver sped right through a red light, slamming into a 2004 silver Pontiac. The drunk was driving a 2011 black Hyundai that looked amazingly small and insignificant in the aftermath of the wreck. It was almost hard to believe that it caused the damage it did, although at the speed the driver was doing, perhaps it was not so unusual.

The force of the impact caved in the driver’s side of the Pontiac; an impact that shoved both vehicles at least 150 feet or more from the center of the intersection. The Pontiac driver was dead at the scene. The Hyundai driver would be charged with speeding and driving while under the influence. Wrongful death? Yes. Criminal charges? Yes.

In this instance, the criminal charges would take precedence over the civil suit, which is not to say that a civil suit could not be filed and go to court after the criminal case. You just need to keep in mind that the way a case is proved in civil court is different than in a criminal court. In criminal cases, proof must be beyond a reasonable doubt, in civil cases it is judged on a balance of probabilities.

It is highly likely that the victim’s family would want to discuss the situation with a competent personal injury lawyer. No one should face something like this wreck alone and wondering how they will carry on with their lives.

If you have been in a collision like this, involving a drunk driver or a reckless one, and have sustained serious injuries, you will want to make contact with an Austin personal injury lawyer. Find out right away what your legal rights are, how to file a case, what to expect when you move forward and what your Austin personal injury lawyer does to protect your rights. It is a call well worth making.

Do not wait to contact an experienced lawyer, as there is something called the statue of limitations that, if you miss filing your claim in time, means that you no longer have the right to file a case against the defendant. If you have suffered serious, debilitating injuries, you will need compensation to care for yourself for the rest of your life.

Do not rely on insurance companies to help you settle a claim. Their only reason for talking to you is to get you to settle quickly and cheaply. More often than not, your injuries are worth more than an insurance company will admit. When an experienced lawyer handles the insurance company you do not get worked over.

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