Texting Trucker Loses His Life In Collision With Train

How many deaths does it take before people get the message not to text while driving?

You would think that there have been more than enough texting while driving deaths reported in the news for people to get the message. Apparently not, as this case demonstrates how a trucker died as he slammed into an Amtrak train. How did that happen? It happened because he was texting while driving and not paying attention to where he was going.

The trucker was still moving forward at highway speeds when the train was crossing the tracks in front of him, even while the gate was down and the lights were flashing. The collision resulted in a massive fire as the tractor-trailer hit the side of the train.

An accident reconstructionist was able to mark out more than 200 feet of skid marks made, just prior to the impact. While holding his cell phone and texting, the trucker realized that he was about to hit the train. The locomotive burst into flames and was separated from the passenger cars it was hauling. Four passengers and two train crew members were hurt.

At least six people were injured from the collision, including two Amtrak crew members and four passengers. If the accident had been the result of a mechanical failure, the dead man’s family would also have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. However, because the direct proximate cause of the accident was the trucker texting on his cell phone, it is the passengers and crew that will have a course of legal action open to them.

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