Inattention and Mechanical Failure Can Cause Deadly Accidents

There are some accidents that offer up very little in the way of clues as to what happened. This looks to be a case like that.

It was an ordinary day when a 52-year-old man hopped on his Harley-Davidson and hit the road. The sun was shining, the roads were clear and life was good. At least it was good until the man rear-ended a truck. The semi had slowed for a construction barrel that was blocking traffic on the highway.

No one knows quite what happened, but the one thing they do know for sure is that the biker lost control of his ride. There was no place else to go but into and under the semi. The man was dead on impact.

In this reported case, there are many unanswered questions. How did the biker lose control? Was he driving under the influence? Driving while texting (stranger things have happened in past accidents)? Were the roads covered with slick oil as a result of the construction in the area? Did his Harley suffer a mechanical failure, and if so what? Did the man try to stop and his brakes were not working? Or was he just not paying attention to what was going on around and in front of him?

Accidents like this may look one way initially, but once someone starts digging deeper, they discover that there was a reason the biker lost control. When families are faced with situations like this one, they should never assume that the wreck was “just an accident” that no one can do anything about. Always take the time to consult with a competent Austin personal injury lawyer and find out where you stand.

You may well have a wrongful death case if the biker lost his life due to a mechanical failure or bad road conditions in the area caused by the negligence of the construction crew. The best thing to do when anyone you love has been seriously injured or killed is to find out everything you can about your legal rights. Many people make the mistake of assuming there is nothing they can do, when reaching out to an Austin personal injury attorney would clarify their legal rights immediately.

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