Big Rig Slams Into RV Causing a Chain of Accidents

You would think if you were driving an 18-wheeler, you would pay attention to where you are going. Evidently this did not happening in this case.
This reported accident was one of the worst scenes the police had seen in a number of years. It involved three vehicles – a tractor trailer, two RVs, and a raging fire. Thankfully, most of the people involved were able to make it out alive, with only one person reporting significant injuries.

It is true that the truth is stranger than fiction, and in this wreck a bizarre chain of events caused a pileup on the highway. The auto accident happened when a big rig rear-ended a RV that was towing a car behind it in the right- hand lane of the highway. The RV in turn rammed into a second camper in front of it, rupturing a fuel tank and setting off a blaze that completely engulfed the two vehicles.

There were at least five people in the two RVs who were able to get out alive safely. The big rig driver needed to be pulled out of his cab before he got burned. Given the horrific nature of the crash, it was amazing that he only sustained a broken arm. The trucker did go into diabetic shock and he had to be revived at the scene of the wreck. He was listed in good condition when he got to hospital.

Negligence? To say the least. If the trucker had been paying attention to where he was going, he would not have rear-ended the first RV and set off a chain reaction of collisions. Given the fact that he subsequently went into diabetic shock, it may be that he was driving under the influence of a medical condition and was struggling to remain conscious.

That aside, he knew he suffered from diabetes and was at risk for something like that to happen. He had no business being behind the wheel of a huge rig with a medical condition that could trigger blackouts or worse. Chances are that his employer would also be aware of his medical history, and they should be held responsible for the actions of their employees. That is the tricky part of a personal injury lawsuit involving a big rig, as there is usually more than just one person or entity involved in the suit.

“Big rig accidents might look one way at the scene, but the truth behind the collision is another story,” explained Austin personal injury lawyer Robert W. Lee. “For instance, what if the RV had pulled out in front of the big rig driver at a slow rate of speed, or suddenly slammed on its brakes? What would the trucker have done? More to the point, what could a trucker do? This is a lesson for everyone that not all rear-end accidents are the fault of the driver who rear-ended someone. It could just as easily have happened the other way.”

If you have been involved in a wreck with a big rig, do not wait to talk to an experienced Austin personal injury lawyer. It is your life and you deserve adequate compensation for any injuries you sustained. These cases are intricately complex and involve many defendants. Do not leave your case to a chance resolution with the trucking insurance company lawyers whose aim is to downplay or diminish your claim. Speak to an Austin personal injury lawyer first before dealing with any insurance company.

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