A Tale Of Two Motorcycle Helmets

For the love of life and to protect yourself riding a motorcycle, wear a helmet, and not a cheap one.

We cannot say this enough – if you love riding your motorcycle, don’t want to stop and want to stay as safe as possible, then do not ride without the proper safety gear. In particular, do not ride and wear a cheapy helmet, because it has a greater potential to kill you. That old saying relating to getting what you pay for is very true when it comes to using cheap motorcycle helmets. Yes, helmets do save lives, but make sure they are safety rated and tested.

Think helmets don’t make a difference? Consider the case of John Doe, an avid biker and one who thought twice about buying a good helmet. He could not make up his mind whether to buy a cheap one, or to put out the cash for a good, sturdy and safety rated helmet. He just about bought the cheap one, but for some reason, he changed his mind at the last minute.

Call it luck or intuition, John was in a nasty car versus motorcycle crash two days later. His helmet saved him from traumatic brain injury. It didn’t save him from paralysis, but it let him keep his mental abilities. A year later, John was back on the road, with another, new safety rated helmet.

Jack Doe, however, was not that lucky. He had a helmet and was wearing it at the time of his accident. He died, because the helmet did not protect his head. It was very poor quality, and he had only bought it because he thought it would stop the police from bugging him about it. The decision to buy a poorly made helmet cost Jack his life, due to severe brain injuries. In other words, the helmet cracked and collapsed like an egg shell, and without proper protection, so did Jack’s head.

Been in a situation like this? Out for a spin and someone cut you off? It happens, and the thing is, more often than not, the accident is not the fault of the biker. Most drivers indicate they just don’t see the biker or the motorcycle, and because they don’t, someone dies or is severely injured and has to live with those injuries for the rest of their lives. You have the right to recover compensation for your injuries, the right to compensation from a negligent driver and a right to live the best life you can, with that compensation.

Is compensation for injuries or a wrongful death important? It most definitely is to the victim, and that is who really counts in accidents that happened as a result of someone else’s negligence. Know your rights. It’s important that you do.

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