New Teen Ghost Riding Craze Causes Two Deaths

If it is not one thing, it is another. There is a new deadly craze that teens are indulging in and they are dying because of it.

It had to happen. When teens are bored, they tend to invent things that they think would be fun, perhaps deadly, but fun if nothing happens. Usually, most of their forms of entertainment are not completely thought out, as in, what would the consequences be of doing something like snow surfing behind a commuter train that stopped unexpectedly? This is apparently what happened in this case.

Several teens got together looking for something fun to pass the time, something a bit crazy and risky. Being young, they would think they have the world by the tail and that nothing would happen to them. Sadly, their chosen form of entertainment for their last night on earth was ghost riding on an SUV, which rolled over and burst into flames.

Car surfing or ghost riding is a new fad in which teens will hitch a ride on the exterior of a vehicle. In this case, the two dead teens were surfing on the riding boards of the SUV, when the driver lost control. The vehicle crashed, rolled and went up in flames. One teen almost made it back inside the vehicle, but the other teen, on the opposite running board, was pronounced dead at the scene.

But for the negligence of the driver of the SUV, the two dead teens may have still been alive today and not statistics. You may be thinking they took their own lives in their hands by doing something so stupid. While that may be the case, they trusted the driver of the SUV to be safe and not lose control of the vehicle. Their lives were in his hands.

The families of the two dead boys may wish to hire a wrongful death attorney to recover compensation for their deaths of their loved ones. The driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, may have been texting and not paying attention and may have been speeding. Until the accident investigation is complete, the full details of the case will not be known. Suffice to say, any personal injury attorney hired will need to know just what happened the fateful morning.

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