Street Racing Likely Culprit in Two Deaths

A double fatal collision involving a big rig took the lives of two young men.

This in another rather strange case that saw an 18-wheeler slam into two cars, taking two lives and leaving five others badly injured. It appears that an Acura Integra and a Honda Civic, both driven by 18-year-old males, were stopped in the northbound lane of a U.S. highway. No one knows why, but the police suspect that illegal street racing may have something to do with it.

Both the vehicles were parked side by side on the highway, leaving the approaching 18-wheeler with no place to go. A collision was inevitable. The trucker rode the rig into a rear-end collision with both cars. The impact was so devastating that it killed the backseat passengers in the Integra. Both drivers were taken to hospital with critical injuries. The trucker made it out of this wreck in one piece and his passenger suffered minor injuries that were treated at the scene.

While charges were pending in this horrendous double fatality accident, there were still a lot on unanswered questions. For instance, why were the two cars parked side by side right on the highway? What speed was the trucker doing? Did his brakes fail? Did he apply his brakes? Was he paying attention to where he was going or in a situation where he had to react at the last minute due to inattention? In other words, was there the possibly of contributory negligence in this case, despite the fact that the two cars were stopped where they should not be?

Accidents involving 18-wheelers never have a good outcome and there seems to be no in-between on that. The injuries sustained are usually serious to life-altering, or the victim is dead. The size and weight of trucks that large simply means any other smaller vehicle and its occupants are doomed.

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