Road Rage And Other Distractions Can And Do Kill Thousands A Year

Virtually everyone has been cut off while driving and had irrational rage boil over. Most don’t act on that rage, but some do.

It would be nice if everyone knew how to drive defensively. However, most people don’t and some just get in their vehicles and aim them in the general direction they want to go. Some get from point A to point B, some don’t, and that’s because accidents happen. This is when you need the services of a seasoned Austin auto injury attorney to obtain compensation for your injuries as a result of a car wreck.

Generally speaking, there are several causes for vehicle wrecks and some of them are quite serious. For instance, we all know without being told that drunk driving is the worst offense on the road and the deadliest. But people still do this with depressing regularity. Thanks to driving and driving, there is one American killed every half hour across the nation and the numbers shoot up on weekends.

Surprisingly enough, sleepy drivers are far more common than we would like to think. If you don’t get enough sleep and try driving a long distance all tuckered out, you’re asking for trouble. And if you don’t drive while fatigued, who is to say the other guy isn’t driving like that and you are about to be involved in a potentially fatal wreck?

You’d think if you spent any amount of time on the road, that you would maintain your vehicle in good working condition. Unfortunately, many people just take their ride for granted, hop in and take off, never checking the tires, whether the lights work or not or check the workings under the hood. This is an accident waiting to happen. And when accidents like this do happen, only a skilled and dedicated Austin personal injury attorney can help pick up the pieces.

There are way too many people who jump in their vehicles and just take off – without looking both ways. Whatever happened to road safety and driving with the other person in mind? Very few people these days do the routine shoulder check when pulling out of a parking spot or when changing lanes. Do they think they are the only car on the road?

Along with not shoulder checking, there are a multitude of drivers who ignore traffic rules, blow stop signs, don’t signal when they need to and don’t pay attention to where they are going. While this may be due to texting, etc., it is also due to just plain inattention. No one is immortal when it comes to driving a vehicle and it behooves people to remember that.

In other words, pay attention. Those who don’t find will themselves having a personal discussion with their insurance company or injured or dead. Research shows that distracted driving causes at least 30 percent of all accidents in the U.S. It is getting to be that distracted driving is almost worse than drunk driving.

Road rage is a real problem. If you have ever seen someone in the grip of road rage, you know it isn’t pretty and you also know that if they crash, it will be spectacular. The aggression inherent in these episodes is horrific and the actions of drivers like this can kill others. Put a lid on road rage and just get on doing what you were doing and let it be. You will definitely outlive the person who gives in to the rage and acts up and out. Remember, cars are not the only things recalled by their maker.

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