Austin Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Motorcycle Death

Accidents can and do happen on the drop of a dime. Death may come calling in many forms; including a collision between a truck and motorcycle.

“We recently read about an accident that involved a man who lost his life in a truck versus motorcycle accident; a collision that should not have happened but for the possible negligence of the trucker. It’s a good example of the kind of cases Austin personal injury lawyers handle on behalf of their clients to ensure they get fair and equitable compensation,” said a spokesperson for Lee, Gober & Reyna in Austin, Texas.

Evidently, the trucker was heading west on a roadway in the left lane while attempting to turn right at the same time into a parking lot. In other words, the truck was tracking a wide arc to get from point A to point B from one lane to another. In the process, a 32-year old biker, in the right lane, hit the side of the truck as it was turning into the lot.

The biker sustained severe head and chest injuries and was taken to hospital by ambulance to a Level 1 trauma center. He was revived, but passed away within the half hour. There are a number of unanswered questions in this scenario involving whether or not the trucker was driving under the influence, turning while unsafe to do so, not driving with due care or didn’t see the biker.

“There were accident reconstruction specialists on scene and their report will help the police put the pieces of this accident puzzle together. The biggest question is whether or not there was negligence involved, something that many people don’t understand. The element of negligence is the key to the determination of liability in cases such as this,” said the representative for Lee, Gober & Reyna in Austin, Texas.

In personal injury cases, often it’s the little details that make an enormous difference to the outcome of the case. This is why an Austin personal injury attorney thoroughly investigates all the details surrounding any type of vehicle crash that seriously injures someone. The most important parts of this investigation are the assessment of who the at fault driver was, what happened just prior to the crash and where the two vehicles were in juxtaposition to one another before they collided.

If it turns out the driver of a car was texting on a cell phone, adjusting the volume on the radio or putting on lipstick while driving, this helps the court’s apportion liability on a sliding scale according to how those involved in the accident may or may not have contributed to the crash. Those who have been involved in a motorcycle crash that was the result of another’s negligence need to consult with an Austin personal injury attorney.

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