If the porch collapses, premises liability law kicks in

When something bad happens to a person on another’s land, premises liability law comes into play.

Not a lot of people even give this much thought, but when they invite people to their homes or businesses, they are assuming the responsibility for those people; the responsibility that they will be safe on the premises in question. If those individuals are not safe and something happens, the owner of the land or property is often liable for their injuries. As with many principles in law, there are exceptions to the rule and it’s best to discuss any questions in this area with an experienced Austin personal injury attorney.

A fairly high number of premises liability cases arise as a result of a structure collapsing. In most instances, the structure is elevated, increasing the probability of serious damages. Usually, the things that are at the highest risk for falling are stairs, balconies and porches.

Take the case of Ravinder Veitch (names have been changed to protect the identity of the victim). Veitch was visiting with a colleague from work. The colleague’s home overlooked a spectacular valley with an amazing vista. Out the back of the house was a balcony that had a prime view of the area. Veitch was leaning against the railing on the balcony when it gave away, causing him to plummet 150 feet to the rocks below. Veitch was lucky, as he only sustained broken ribs, but could have been the victim of traumatic brain injury instead.

After an investigation, it was discovered that the balcony was not properly maintained and had been recently shored up under the spot where Veitch was standing. The work was shoddy and after several days of torrential rains, the support gave away. Veitch sued for compensation for his medical bills, time off work, lost wages, and more.

In this case, the property owner knew about the balcony not being safe and had done something about fixing it, but did not do it safely or effectively, nor did the property owner warn Veitch not to stand in that location of the balcony. Broken ribs and other bones, sprained joints, pulled muscles, head or brain injuries, spinal cord damage and lacerations are often the result of falling from a structure that has not been properly maintained.

For those who have been in an accident like this, make sure to contact a dedicated and well-seasoned Austin personal injury attorney to find out how to proceed, what legal rights apply to the case and what compensation may be expected if a lawsuit is filed.

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