Burns Happen with Electric Shock

Burns happen for many reasons other than just fire. Electricity may burn you to death.

Burns can happen to anyone, but most often they do tend occur on worksites or in the workplace. Fire isn’t the only source of a burn, and anyone who has suffered electrical burns and survived can tell you those burns are painful. What many people don’t realize is that an electric shock may break bones and cause other severe internal injuries. Depending on the patch of the electricity when it enters and leaves a body, it may also result in death.

We’re all familiar with electric shocks in a minor way; static electricity. Static electricity is an electrical transfer on a much smaller scale than coming into contact with a live high tension power line. While static electricity doesn’t usually harm us, it could be very dangerous at the gas station.

Touching a badly insulated electric wire or device has the potential to serve up some really nasty injuries. See a bare wire? Don’t touch it. See one that isn’t all that well covered? Leave it alone. Why take the chance that something bad could happen? Be aware of what protects you from shocks: rubber material, glass and plastics. Also know what conducts electricity: charged gases, salt water, many metals and the infamous water in any form.

‘Water in any form’ reminds us of a case we heard of where a man survived a bad rollover into a ditch by an electrical pole. He walked away to call police and needed to answer the call of nature. What he didn’t see was the downed electrical wire in the ditch. He was electrocuted on the spot. Pay attention to your surroundings no matter where you are.

If you do happen to touch an exposed wire, your injuries will be the result of two things: the power of the current that shoots through you, and the length of time you’re exposed to the current. The longer the duration and the higher the power, the worse the outcome.

Generally speaking, there will be two burns, an entrance and exit burn. The stronger the current passing through, the higher the chances of extreme muscle contractions and/or seizures. The contractions may break bones, as can the thrashing on the ground as you are being electrocuted.

If the current enters the head, it may prompt seizures, paralysis and you may quit breathing. A chest hit may damage your heart or stop it entirely. If you have a pacemaker, a shock will interfere with how it functions and may also cause death.
These kinds of cases are always difficult for the victim who needs an experienced Austin personal injury attorney to help recover compensation if the electrocution was the result of someone else’s negligence. Don’t wait to talk to a personal injury lawyer, as time is of the essence in cases like this.

They’re never easy for anyone, and you may be facing long-term rehabilitation and many surgeries. Your care, medical bills and therapy, loss of income and other factors are taken into consideration for any lawsuit claim that may be filed on your behalf by an Austin personal injury lawyer.

Beverly Aylmer writes for Lee, Gober & Reyna. If you need an personal injury attorney in Austin, contact an Austin personal injury lawyer from Lee, Gober & Reyna. Visit RWLeelaw.com.