Kids’ Jewelry Deadly

First it was dog food, then kids’ toys and now, kids’ jewelry. Kids’ jewelry from China is highly toxic.

There is a long of list items imported from China that are perfectly fine; not harmful, not toxic and don’t have the capacity to kill someone. On the other hand, it seems that increasingly we see more and more news items about dangerous products coming into the US that have the power to severely harm or kill our pets, us and our children.

The latest item that has raised red flags is kids’ jewelry made with cadmium. It’s quite lovely due to the fact that it’s a slivery bluish white and kids, of course, are attracted to it to the point where they put it in their mouths. This isn’t a really good idea as cadmium is highly toxic and known to cause cancer. It may hamper a child’s brain development. Think that doesn’t sound so bad because your child didn’t really have the jewelry in their mouth that long? Consider this: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list cadmium as “seventh” on a list of 275 or more hazardous substances.

While most of us are familiar with the use of cadmium in cell phone batteries or steel plating, it has been showing up in places where it has no business being; like kid’s jewelry. Why is that? The Chinese have switched to cadmium in response to lead limits slapped on in 2008, not to mention that cadmium is relatively inexpensive. This switch has resulted in children’s jewelry containing anywhere from 10% to 91% of this toxic metal.

The warnings went out quickly and parents across the US heard about the dangers of cheap children’s jewelry. Nice to see that some regulatory bodies do take the lead and issue warnings when they are needed. This doesn’t always happen.

Mind you, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has been slammed for waiting too long in some cases to investigate unsafe products and while they were doing that, kids were injured or killed. A warning has also been issued to Chinese merchants to clean up their act and if they don’t, the Product Safety Commission will force them to do so by setting up standards they have to meet.

Products like this obviously have the potential to seriously harm kids. If that happens to your child, contact a knowledgeable Austin personal injury attorney and discuss the details of your potential case. Don’t wait or second guess yourself. If your instincts as a parent are screaming that the necklace your child got for a birthday caused her to fall ill, speak to a competent Austin personal injury attorney. Protecting your child’s life is the most important thing any parent can do.

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